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At SBSC we have all of the tools for you to succeed including people to show you the way. 

  • Remote online weekly coaching/programming for all fitness needs

    1 hr


  • Dr. Ashley Contorno PT, DPT

    1 hr


  • Form and technique for Squat, Bench, or Deadlift

    1 hr




Interested in having a weekly plan and direction for your lifting goals and needs? Wether its powerlifting, general fitness, or strength training , Dr. Ashley Contorno creates customized weekly lifting plans for all types of lifters across the country and even the world! 

How it works:


The programming and training with weekly feedback and plans based are on your performance. The fee is $150/month for this plan. There’s a lot of options and coaches out there. Some are better than others. Some give you actual effort and some are shit. It’s finding someone who believes in you and will work with you and your goals! With her background as a doctor of physical therapy, Dr. Ash has no problem working around injuries or limitations. Weekly video feedback is given and is anywhere from 3 minutes  up to 20 minutes per week with specific corrective details and recommendations. Your following week programming will be reflective of your performance from the previous week. Dr. Ash cares about her clients and their success so the investment is mutual. Once she is your coach your success becomes her success!!! If this sounds like a good fit then just full name, number, and email address below to get started! Dr. Ash will send you over a questionnaire to fill out!

1-1 In Person


Would you like to improve your form with Squat, Bench, or Deadlift? You don't need to be a powerlifter to know how to perform these movements correctly! Anyone in the gym who is performing any compound movements can benefit from a session to learn from the best!


How it works:

Dr. Ashley will spend 1 hour with you breaking down the movement so you understand the mechanics and how to perform it properly for your body safely. The fee for this is $85/session. The goal of Dr. Ash after a 1-1 session is for you to walk away being able to replicate everything performed in the session without assistance. When you know what is right and wrong you ar able to help yourself improve and progress. Stop "hurting your back" and learn correct technique!! If you are interested in scheduling a 1-1 in person session please sign up below and Dr. Ashley Will reach out and schedule an appointment with you! 


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