Do you want a gym that has no rules? Do you want to be the animal you were born to be? Do you want to lift at a gym that has the best so you can be your best? Look no Further. 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. You can train at SBSC and truly thrive with best lifting equipment in the industry.


Name a bar, chain, block, or band. You want it, we have it. We know powerlifters require a specific type of equipment and we promise to deliver. Whether you are just starting out or are experienced, SBSC is the place for your powerlifting training.


The Mecca of San Pedro. Every bodybuilder needs the appropriate equipment to hit all of the accessories for a full body workout. SBSC has everything you need to sculpt the clay that is your body into art.


Dr. Ashley Contorno, PT, DPT is not only an athlete, but she is a practicing doctor of Physical Therapy. She knows what it takes to perform at your best and help you at your worst. Consults and treatment are available on an appointment basis for prevention and recovery for all of your body's needs.


Questions? Need to come lift NOW?!? Inquire Below. 

387 W 6th St
San Pedro, CA  90731
Los Angeles County, USA

Where to Park?

Parking is free on 6th st before 8am and after 6pm. During the hours between 8-6pm parking is metered with a 2 hour limit (please feed your meter!). There is a parking lot on the corner of 6th and Centre that is free 24/7. On 8th st the parking is free and not metered all of the time!

Please DO NOT park in either of the parking lots behind the gym.

They are privately owned and you may be towed!


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387 W 6th St
San Pedro, CA 90731

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